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OSNA Scholarship Opportunities

By Wendy Niskanen posted 10-27-2021 17:24

OSNA offers two types of scholarships, the Dee Bauer and the Annual Leadership Scholarships; each has its own application process and contingencies. Both are meant to reduce barriers to school nursing professional development and develop school nurse leaders. The Dee Bauer is intended to support attendance at OSNA conferences by providing 50% of the conference fee, not to exceed $200 (1-2 scholarships per conference are available). The Dee Bauer award is available to nurses whose district/employer does not
  • fund professional development opportunities (requires the nurse to pay for the conference with personal funds) and/or
  • provide paid leave to attend the professional development (requires a nurse to take a personal day to attend a training).
Contingencies for Dee Bauer include: The nurse
  • must be and OSNA/NASN member.
  • cannot have received the Dee Bauer within the last 5 years.
  • will participate in the fundraising (usually a raffle) at the conference. This has been relevant for in-person, spring conferences and is in place because the scholarships are funded by the raffle.
  • Will share about some aspect of their experience at the conference (e.g. a blog post on the website).
Current members can seek appliction information on the OSNA website discussion list.
p.s. There will be more on the Leadership Scholarship which supports attendance at the annual NASN conference (this year in Atlanta) in a future post.