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School Nurse Activities In-Person or Remote

           NASN's Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice PowerPoint

           NASN's Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice PDF

School Nursing Practice

Oregon School Nursing Manual

School Nurse Comprehensive Text

Role of School Nurse in Providing Health Services

Division 45

Division 47

ODE Guidance on delivery of school nursing services (RN, LPN, UAP)

Individualized Healthcare Plans: The Role of the School Nurse

IEP - The Role of the School Nurse in the Special Education Process

504 - School Nurse as an Essential Team Member

Delegation of Nursing Procedures in the School Setting - Division 45 and 47

Steps of Delegation


Medication Administration Training

Vaccines and Immunizations

ALERT Immunization Information System

Communicable Disease Reporting

Mandatory Reporting

Dental Screening

Hearing Screening

Posture Screening

Vision Screening

NASN VSP Sight for Student Enrollment

Feeding Evaluations

Reimbursement for School Nursing Services

Nursing Documentation


Teaching for Anticipated Emergencies

Teaching the Performance of Tasks for an Anticipated Emergency

Adrenal Crisis Training Protocol

Adrenal Crisis Training PowerPoint

Adrenal Insufficiency Training for Healthcare Professionals

Epinephrine Training Protocol

Epinephrine Training PowerPoint

Glucagon Training Presentation

Glucagon Providers Training Protocol

Student Health Conditions


          NASN School Nurse Asthma Care Checklist

 Asthma Guidance

Behavioral/Mental Health

Communicable Disease:

         ODE/OHA Communicable Disease Guidance

         Communicable Disease


         CBIRT - The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training

         CDC HEADS UP to Schools

         ODE Safety of School Sports - Concussion Guidance Document

         OHSU Concussion Evaluation PowerPoint

         Oregon Concussion Laws

Chronic Absenteeism



          ODE and OHA Head Lice Guidance

          CDC Parasites - Lice

          NASN Position Statement

Life Threatening Allergies:

          Food Allergy Research & Education

Medically Fragile, Medically Complex, Nursing Dependent:

          AFT Caring for Children with Special Healthcare Needs in the School Setting

          2010 Student Acuity as described in state law

          2020 Student Acuity Reporting Guidance and Categories

School Nurse Data Collection

           Data Instructions

           District Survey

 Data Points Calculation Worksheet