Training and Public Health Information

Training staff and informing parents and the greater school community accomplishes the objectives of enhancing health and safety and maintaining a dialogue, which further promotes psychological safety, a better informed and more engaged community and goodwill between stakeholders.

COVID-19 Management Plan Template Sections

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Response- High Transmission 

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Recovery-Gradual Return to Baseline 

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Training and Public Health Education

School-wide efforts , individual behaviors and education, including staff training, can reduce risk of disease transmission. (OHA/ODE)

Staff Training:

Considerations for Designing Staff Training

Communicable Disease Prevention in the School Setting: Staff Training 2022-2023

COVID-19 Disease Update 22-23 Staff Training

Resources for Parents:

Parent Student Information Resources Links

Public Health training/education for staff, students, parents and your community creates confidence, eases anxieties and makes the duty of communicable disease prevention, identification and management a team effort, enhancing outcomes and reducing the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts.

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With the basics having been covered during times of lower transmission (Baseline), limit training and information communication to specific behaviors and actions that your target audience should be considering at this time.

Beware overwhelming your audience with 1) information that is contested without providing supporting evidence to gain or maintain trust and credibility, 2) unnecessary details that don’t directly support the main point and 3) language that is too complex, fear driven or not easily understood.

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Staff training in moderate community transmission levels should reinforce the basics and expectations from staff, as well as prepare staff for potential high community transmission periods.

Student, parent and community communication may emphasize the school’s preparedness and layered prevention as well as what they can expect in the case of increased or decreased community transmission rates.

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