Communicable Disease Management Plans

Molalla River School District presented the Comprehensive Communicable Disease Management  (CCDMP) Plan in the 2020-2021 school year to compile all communicable disease related plans into one document. The MRSD Comprehensive Communicable Disease Plan is available in Archived COVID-19 Toolkit 2020-2021.

To narrow the focus to communicable disease prevention, the plans from the district specific CCDMP have been separated and updated for the 2021-2022 school year as follows:

Partner Documents Include:

  • MRSD Exposure Control Plan:  Plan that outlines workplace and engineering controls and prevention and response measures as it relates to the district as an employer. 
  • MRSD Pandemic Plan: A contingency plan related to non-pharmaceutical interventions to guide planning. 

If you choose to use content from this source, you must include an introductory page that states: Adapted with permission from Molalla River School  District's Communicable Disease Management plan, authored by Dr. Jan Olson.      

You may access an editable Communicable Disease Management Plan here and a COVID-19 Specific Plan here.                                   

Education Service District Plan

MESD uses the Comprehensive Communicable Disease Plan model that is inclusive of all plans in one robust document. This is a model that uses a dedicated nurse consultant/communicable disease team to act as the communicable disease liaison between a group of schools or districts, and the county health departments for those schools. Multnomah Education Service District’s comprehensive plan is adapted [with permission] from the Molalla River School District’s comprehensive plan.

You may download an editable copy here.  Appropriate attributions must be provided.