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  • Mentoring Monday, September 26 @ 3:30 DIABETES

    Hello Nurses, 

    We are excited to offer the first "Mentoring Monday," an opportunity to share resource for school nurse practice: on DIABETES. On the 26th, we will start with a presentation from diabetic educators rom OHSU about changes to the standard diabetes order set. After their presentation, OSNA will present the NEW diabetes toolkit, created through funding from the OHSU COVID-19 Response and Recovery grant. Together, our presentations will last for 90 minutes, and nurses who are interested in staying for additional Q/A and/or scenario discussion may choose to stay longer. We hope you will be able to join us. Register for Mentoring Monday HERE.

    Note: If you have already registered and saved the invitations to your calendar, you can just look there for the meeting link. If you are registering for the first time, look for the calendar icon on the bottom of the registration confirmation email and download the invites to your calendar (to save time next month).
  • Fall Conference SAVE THE DATE

  • Monthly Meeting Opportunities for School Nurses: Registration links all in one place!

    Hi All,

    In addition to the virtual Fall Conference (11/4/2022) and the Spring Conference (4/20-21, 2023 in Wilsonville), OSNA will be offering 3 types of monthly meeting opportunties. Descriptions and registration links are below.

    : In the registration confirmation email for each type of meeting, there is an "Add to calendar" link (it is near the bottom next to a red calendar icon). If you click this link, the invites will import to your calendar, so you will see them each month (and not need to look for them and re-register).

    Power Hour: The 3rd Thursday of each month

    School nurses need time to connect and re-energize! Power Hour is an open-ended, casual discussion time when school nurses can connect and share thoughts, successes, and concerns related to school nursing. The next Power Hour will be held on Thursday, 9/15/2022 @3:30; see you then!

    Register HERE
    Special Topics Cafe: 1st Wednesday of each month
    Issues of special interest to Oregon
    school nurses will be addressed with an opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm about possible solutions. The first STC of the 2022-2023 year will be hedl on 9/7/2022. Please join us for a welcome back to school!  Hear about events and collaborative discussion opportunities for 2022-2023 and help direct the course of our collaborative work this year by identifying priority topics of relevance for school nursing!

    Register HERE 
    NEW!! Mentoring Mondays; 4th  Monday of each month
    OSNA will present resources around the
    health planning for and the support of students with specific medical conditions. The introduction of resources will be augmented with a focused presentation on the relevant medical condition followed by open discussion about the implementation of care in the school setting.

    On September 26th we plan to release the T1D toolkit. We are awating confirmation of a speaker, so that information will be forthcoming.
    On October 24th, Dr. Louise Vas from OHSU will present on Long COVID. We will combine this with a discussion about long COVID resoources.

    Register HERE:

  • OSNA Office Hours

    Twice a week the grant team at OSNA has office hours to support school nurse contractors who are creating toolkits. This week, we are opening the meeting up to all school nurses who want to learn more aabout the OSNA COVID-19 Toolkit. We are grateful to the COVID-19 Taskforce for all of their work this summer, and look forward to sharing their amazing toolkit with you!
  • Power Hour Starts This Week

    Hi All,

    Welcome back to school. We will have our first Power Hour of the year on 8/18/2022 at 3:30! Register Here!
  • Equity Taskforce

    OSNA will be convening an Equity Taskforce this summer. After the enthusiastic response to our conference workshop on "Racism as a Public Health Crisis," we recognize among our members an interest in and commitment to exploring issues around equity. This group will examine how we, as an organization, can apply an equity filter to the work we do and articulate opportunities for individual nurses to continue on their journies toward inclusivity. If you are interested in this work, please send me an email (using an address you monitor in the summer).

    Have a great summer, :)W