• Opportunity for Advocacy... HELP TODAY!!

    Hi Nurses,

    The OEA Health Professionals Committee listened to health professionals across the state and proposed a bill which would "Establish a Task Force on Health Care Services in Oregon Schools to examine scope of duties of employment and practice for licensed health care providers employed by schools, school districts
    or education service districts to provide health care services." The law would require the task force "to examine health record systems that may be adopted by school, school district, education service district or Department of Education that would enable health care providers to maintain records of health-related information for students." Recommendations from this task force will be essential to guide future work.

    We are grateful to Rep. Ruiz for sponsoring HB 2959, which is in the Way and Means Committee. We need your help to ensure that the bill is advanced out of W & M and into the Senate. Time is of the essence. Below are the email addresses of the Committee Chairs and email text supporters of the bill should use to request that HB 2959 get a hearing in Ways & Means. Please send an email to these legislators ASAP!! Thanks for your advocacy!!

    Here is the email for Senator Elizabeth Steiner:

    Here is the email for Representative Tawna Sanchez:

    Dear Co-Chairs Steiner and Sanchez---

    My name is ____________ and I am a health professional in Oregon’s public schools and very supportive of HB 2959, which creates a task force to align school policy with health professional licensing in Oregon for the safety and support of our students. This is an important bill for Speech Language Pathologists, School Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and more, all of whom work tirelessly in our public school system under large caseloads or in underserved areas to support our students most in need.

    Please schedule this bill for a public hearing and work session for the critical investment and attention this needs.


    [Write Your Name]

    [Write Your County of residence or Worksite county]