• Exciting Pre-Conference Opportunity: Paper Tigers

    On Wednesday, April 19, the evening before spring conference, OSNA is excited to host a viewing of Paper Tigers, a documentary about the incredible success at Lincoln Alternative High School in Walla Walla, Washington. Over three years during which Lincoln's staff tried a new approach to discipline, one based on understanding and trauma informed treatment rather than judgment and suspension, the number of fights at Lincoln Alternative High School fell by 75% and the graduation rate had increased five-fold. Paper Tigers is the story of how one school made dramatic progress. The architect of this success, nationally renowned consultant, Jim Sporleder, will be available virtually at the session to answer questions after the film.

    This story of trauma response will offer a firm foundation for our Behavioral Health Summit; it is a complement to the curriculum (which we hope you could all attend) but not necessary to understand other sessions over the 2 days of the conference. It will be an in-person event only (it will not be recorded), so it will not be available in Whova after the event.

    Nurses who want to participate as part of spring conference can select an add-on ticket while registering for the conference.

    Nurses who do not plan to participate in conference (in person or by accessing materials over the 3 months following the event) can participate by signing up HERE

    We hope to see many of you at this event! :)W