• Upcoming OSNA Meetings/Learning Opportunities

    Greetings! Please join us for the following events!

    Power Hour: 11/17/2022 @ 3:30

    Come connect with other school nurses and re-energize in an open-ended, casual discussion. Share thoughts, successes, and concerns related to school nursing.         
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    Mentoring Monday: 11/28/2022 @ 3:30
    Some nurses have said that the OSNA website can be overwhelming. At this meeting, we will tour the opportunities in both the OSNA and NASN websites.
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    Special Topics Cafe's:
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    12/7/2022: Naloxone/Narcan work session: At conference, we had the opportunity to hear about the opioid crisis and solutions in Oreogn. 35% of attendees told us that they work in schools/districts which do NOT have naloxone/Narcan policies in place, so we agreed to have a work session in which nurses can explore resources and connect/brainstorm with colleagues about next steps in planning.

    1/4/2023: RN and LPN Practice: Legal Differences and Similarities: Nurses will hear a presentation from the Oregon State Board of Nursing and have an opportunity to reflect on this topic as it applies to school nursing. If you have particular scenarios you would like to see addressed, please send them my way

    Look forward to seeing everyone!! :)W