OSNA Spring 2020 General Meeting

When:  Apr 22, 2022 from 11:15 to 12:15 (PT)
Hello OSNA Members!

In an effort to be inclusive and transparent, the OSNA Board is sharing materials with all members (even those who may not be attending Spring Conference) for your consideration before our General Meeting which will be held at 11:15 on Friday 4/22/2022. Though the meeting will be live, we are planning to stream it via ZOOM, as well. Virtual attendees will not be counted toward the quorum, because virtual voting is not supported under the current bylaws.  

The linked AGENDA for the meeting contains links to several other documents:
1) OSNA Mission and Vision
2) Minutes from our last General Meeting on 11/1/2019
3) Proposed Bylaws
4) Finance information (Video:Process Overview, Statement of Activity, 2022 Budget)

In 2020, the Board of Directors engaged the Center for Nonprofit Law to update the organization's bylaws, and the attorney recommended a complete rewrite. The resulting 19 page document includes language which will guide OSNA's development of updated policies which meet the needs of our growing organization. To ensure that members have an opportunity to ask questions about this dense document, we will be holding Office Hours on Wednesday, April 13 at 3:30pm (Register for the Office Hours session HERE). 


Wendy Niskanen
+1 (603) 723-2708