Board of Directors

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Board of Directors


         Trish Roy
Term 2024-2026

President Elect

Kim Bartholomew

Vice President
        Tamara Bow
        Term 2023-2025

        Tanya Martin
        Term 2023-2025

       Tegan Leipzig
       Term 2022-2024

National Association of School Nurses Director

        Wendy Niskanen
        Term 2022-2026


Advisory Board

Emeritus Member

Jamie Smith

Immediate Past President

Jan Olson
Term 2024-2026

OSNA Curriculum Coordinator


Data Coordinator

Amanda Larsen

OHA School Nurse Consultant

Corinna Brower

ODE School Health Specialist

Ely Sanders

Membership Committee Chair


Legislative Committee Chair

Denise Cardinali

Finance Committee Chair

Communication Committee Chair

       Annamarie Ford

NBCSN Liaison

       Jerilyn Wernet

LPN Representative