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RECORDING Available from Special Topics Cafe: Test to Stay

By Wendy Niskanen, MEd, RN posted 12-02-2021 13:41

Hi All,

First, thank you to several senior health advisors and COVID Response and Recovery Unit members from OHA for participating in a meeting with the School Nurse Advisory Group yestersay, during which they clarified the Test to Stay program and accepted our input on the pracrtical applications of that program. It sounds like several documents (including the Test to Stay FAQ and the OHA COVID-19 Investigative Guidance) will be updated in the coming days and some of the school nurse feedback will be reflected. Our gratitude also extends to LeeAnn Baker from ODE  and Dr. Tom Jeanne for participation in our Special Topics Cafe yesterday afternoon as we shared some of the conversation from the earlier SNAG meeting.

The Special topics Cafe: Test to Stay RECORDING is available here.

The Special topics Cafe: Test to Stay CHAT (edited to make any links live) can be found here.

Additional links offered at the ODE Office Hours on 11/29 are included below:

Test To Stay FAQ's

Test to Stay: Process for Parents and Families

How to administer Test to Stay: Protocol at Your School

Test to Stay Brief

Ready Schools Safe Learners Office Hours 12/6, 12/13

Finally, the COVID-19 Testing in Oregon's K-12 Schools Manual will also be helpful.

Please continue to share your thoughts, questions, and concerns, and we will continue our dialogues with ODE and OHA.

PS. I recommend that nurses use links (not hard copies) to vew these documents. They may be updated more than once, and some of them are not date-stamped, so you might not be able to tell which version you are consulting. Saving the links on your notepad for easy access, or keeping a panel of open tabs are two ways to make the most recent versions readily available. :)W