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Special Topics Cafe on 11/3/2021 will focus on athletics and the spread of COVID-19

By Wendy Niskanen posted 10-25-2021 19:40

Nurses have expressed challenges and successes around working with athletic directors and coaches with respect to COVID-19 transmission, isolation, and quarantine. At Power Hour last week, the concensus was that athletics is a large contributor to missed instruction resulting from isolation and quarantine in response to close contacts associated with athletics. Special Topics Cafe on 11/3/2021 will provide an opportunity to share school nursing insights in this area with leadership from ODE and OHA. Please reach out to me if you are interested in planning for this event. We will be revising a document which lists some considerations; if you have successes and/or concerns to share and want to help shape this document, please let me know. Nurses, please put this event on your calendar and register to join in this critical conversaiton. Hope to see you then.