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Communicable Disease Guidance Updates

By Corinna Brower, MPH, BSN, BA posted 09-29-2020 17:12

The OHA/ODE Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools has been updated to align with current recommendations. This is the broad guidance for all communicable disease (not just COVID-19). It is posted to the same link as previous versions:

The notable changes in this version are related to fever, cough, and shortness of breath. For those symptoms, and throughout the guidance, required actions for 2020-2021 should align with Ready Schools Safe Learners (RSSL).

In the OHA/ODE Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools,
> pages 4-7 summarize transmission routes and general prevention (reformatted)
> pages 10-11 are the Symptom-Based Exclusion Guidelines (updated)

> page 12-13 provides a sample letter to community with a simplified version of exclusion guidance (updated)
> page 14 begins guidance for specific diseases (links to RSSL for COVID)

Please note that RSSL guidance is updated more frequently than this doc. Minor edits to RSSL occur as often as every week. In contrast, the process required to update the full CD doc can take months. As further updates occur related to COVID-19 -- such as the definition of primary symptoms or guidance on secondary symptoms -- these will be posted in RSSL guidance, particularly in the Planning for COVID-19 Scenarios in SchoolsThat link is provided within OHA/ODE CD Guidance for Schools as well.

Thank you for all that you are doing!