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Plan for School Nurse Input for Future Iterations of RSSL (starting TODAY at POWER HOUR)

By Wendy Niskanen posted 05-20-2021 14:40


Greeting Nurses!

We want to give you an update on the plan for gathering School Nurse input for future iterations of RSSL. First and foremost we want to make you aware that
this process will start today at Power Hour. We will debrief about the past year, and in addition to peer-to-peer discussion time, we will have an opportunity to share some of our thoughts directly with an ODE representative, for those who can stay on after 5pm.

The Oregon Department of Education is seeking stakeholder responses to a set of open-ended questions.  School Nurses will have the opportunity to brainstorm about these in person at Special Topics Cafe on June 2nd or write responses via a google form. School Nursing Input For Future RSSL Planning. Any written input will need to be submitted by Friday May 28th.  So, if you are not going to be available on June 2nd, and you want to contribute your thoughts, please complete the form by that date.

In addition to supporting the broad, reflective ODE process, school nurses realize that there is a more immediate need for us to be involved in decisions about health practices. We are in a dynamic time with respect to emerging data about COVID-19, and the resulting, rapid changes to guidance have caused upheaval and uncertainty (and in some places derision). Therefore, a portion of today’s Power Hour will be used to prioritize immediate guidance needs. Then from 5- 5:30 pm we will have the more open-ended, informal opportunity to constructively share concerns and suggestions for current and future guidance including these priorities with  Kati Mosely from ODE.

Current Process Summary

  • Nurses who want to participate today to debrief and prioritize immediate guidance needs, join us at Power Hour at 3:30. We will share with Kati Moseley at 5:00. Register to attend HERE 
  • Nurses who want to provide feedback on the reflection questions, use the google form by Friday, May 28.
  • Nurses who want to participate in a live discussion about the reflection questions can attend the Special Topics Cafe on June 2. (Registration link to follow in a separate post)

Hoping to hear (or read) your thoughts moving forward! :)W