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Additional Information... OHA Welcomes a New State School Nurse Consultant!

By Wendy Niskanen posted 07-24-2019 22:40

Today I received the following letter from Jessica Duke, the manager of the Adolescent and School Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.  I am extremely grateful that she involved OSNA as part of the interview team, and I am thrilled with both the hiring process AND the result!  Keep your eye on this blog spot, as we will be introducing Corinna Brower, RN-BC, BSN, MPH to you right here! Wendy  NEW INFORMATION: Members can see Corinna's CV with updated contact information in the discussion list!
Oregon State School Nurse Consultant

Greetings OSNA Members:

I am pleased to announce that Corinna Brower, RN-BC, BSN, MPH – joined the Adolescent and School Health Team as the State School Nurse Consultant this Monday, July 22. We are very excited that she is with us! OSNA Board Members will have an opportunity to meet Corinna in person at your upcoming meeting later this week.


What made Corinna the top candidate for us is her experience with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. While most of her nursing is hospital-based, she has extensive experience in school health. She has experience conducting needs-assessment surveys with school nurses and other school health staff. She has worked with school wellness coordinators. She demonstrates a deep understanding of the role of the school nurse and the challenges school nurses face. She has been involved with school health legislation in Arizona. She has experience working with school- and district-level leadership.


In her interviews, Corinna discussed her experience listening to school personnel and matching their stated needs with what a school nurse can offer. She discussed challenges a school nurse may face when they are supervised by a non-clinician. She offered ideas for how to support school nurses in Oregon by strengthening policies and guidelines. She showed skill at using data to persuade stakeholders to make policy changes to better support school nurses.

She is already diving in to background material – getting up to speed on the Nurse Practice Act, the history of school nursing in Oregon and school nursing law.


Corinna does not yet have a direct phone or e-mail. Those are coming soon! In the meantime, you may connect with me if you need to reach Corinna directly.


I hope you all have an opportunity to connect with her soon.


In partnership,




Jessica E.A. Duke, MPH

Manager, Adolescent and School Health Programs

State Title V Adolescent Health Coordinator


Public Health Division