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Making a difference in the big picture...

By Wendy Niskanen posted 05-19-2019 04:52

One of the most effective strategies OSNA has employed to increase its capacity to do amazing things for school nurses in Oregon has been to hold annual retreats in the summer (when nurses are well rested and becoming energized) to do strategic planning for the upcoming year. Last summer, members of the Legislative and Membership Committees joined the Board, and after some brainstorming the mentoring and template projects were born.  School nurses are so busy (and often overwhelmed) that the default response has always been that "we do not have time to do one more thing." This past year is evidence that if several nurses each take on a part of a project (micro-volunteering), great things can result! Please consider becoming more active in your professional association by joining the Board at this year's retreat on July 26th and 27th in Wilsonville, OR. Friday will include Board development sessions (on governance and leadership) as well as budget building and strategic planning. Saturday will include break out sessions for project development and committee work planning. Some of the projects being considered could include:

--creating an outreach program to increase the recognition of school nursing by developing a core of school nurses who exhibit at other conferences (such as the COSA or Oregon School Counselors annual conferences) to share information about school nursing
--developing a curriculum for continuing education which could make up a state certification program
--establishing a work group which will include school nurses, partners, and legislators to consider legislative options for the 2021 long session to strengthen school nursing in Oregon

These are just a few of the ideas which have risen to the surface throughout the course of this year. Perhaps you have other ideas? OSNA will provide delicious food, and if you are coming from far away there are OSNA members with guest rooms where you can stay. If you are interested in joining us, follow the link for Reyreat in the "Upcoming Events" section of our homepage. Hope to see you there!