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Spring conference help needed

By Kim Bartholomew, BSN, BS, RN posted 10-13-2019 14:07

Hello fellow school nurses!
  Planning for spring 2020 conference has begun and we need committee members.  I am sharing this because we would love to have a robust conference planning committee.  Our conference will be at the Oregon Gardens on April 16 and 17 2020.  We already have the site and a basic idea of content but we need your active participation to help make this conference great. 

You probably have a few questions in your head right now--

What  is the time commitment to be a conference planning team member? A few hours a month over the next few months.  Meetings can be done via zoom online and email. 

What are the responsibilities? We need people to help with speakers, vendors, raffle baskets, conference brochure creation and more.  You can help in an area that you are good at doing.  Planning conference is fun and team building. 

Why should I help- I am busy already. You probably have enough help already.... We do not have enough help! The quality of a conference is based on the efforts of the planning committee.  We have a spectacular site already- beautiful environment, pool and hot tub, evening activity potential, live music, tasty food and a great conference rate of $99 a night for a unit.  The curriculum planning has begun and we need the best speakers so your input is vital.  You do not want an entire conference planned by myself and Jan Olsen.  While Jan is our school nurse of the year and a super stellar nurse and all around amazing person, we cannot do this alone.  This is also the OSNA conference- not the Jan and Kim show. We want and need OSNA school nurse participation!  
Please let me know how you are able to help and in what your particular gifts and strengths are that you want to use on the planning committee.  Maybe you love raffle baskets and want to help organize this. Maybe you know the best docs in the area and want to help select our speakers.  Maybe you want to get new and interesting vendors to participate. Maybe you have a cool new idea that you would like to do at this conference. Whatever you excel at is what we want you to help with!

We have a conference planning notebook and are able to provide lots of support in this endeavor. You will not be flying blind and will have a framework to help guide you as we create a great conference!  I have been part of planning several of our conferences over the years and have enjoyed being a part of the process. 
We look forward to hearing from you!!  Our conferences are only as good as they are due to the assistance of the planning committee members. I would like to hold our first meeting either October 26th or 27th.  You can participate via zoom or take part in my dining room at my home in Tualatin.  I will bribe you with tasty goodies if you are onsite. 

Have I got your attention!?  Email me or call me to join this marvelous group. I can absolutely guarantee you that you will enjoy this experience.  We are on our way to a phenomenal conference but cannot get there without the assistance of school nurses just like you!!