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By Denise Cardinali, RN, BSN posted 03-12-2021 14:03


Fellow School Nurse

I want to give you a heads up about  SYMJEPI  this is a pre-filled Epinephrine syringe, not an autoinjector.

We had a family turn in one early this week, it was what their  OHP - CCO pharmacy plan would approve as a generic Epi-Pen.  Standard generics (Teva and Amneal) were denied.

Doing research I was able to verify that Nursing Practice Act directs us to follow Severe Allergy Certification for IM injection.  That the Severe Allergy Certification course is for auto-injectors.  This device also includes an exposed needle which OHA disallowed in an auto-injector several years ago (Twinjet)

We believe with Prior Authorization we will be getting a generic Epi-Pen.  

In addition, I have reached out to OHP Pharmacy policy analyst to express concern and suggest this drug should not be in the formulary for anyone birth to 18.  They have responded appreciating the input and are looking into the matter.

In our district, we are looking at how we need to communicate information about SYMJEPI to hopefully avoid this situation in the future.